Dunsany resources

For those interested in reading some of Lord Dunsany’s works, there are a number of good reprints out there now, including several excellent editions of his short story collections by Penguin.

In the Land of Time: And Other Fantasy Tales (Penguin Classics ...

If ebooks are more your jam, then Project Gutenberg has a great collection, with everything available to read in a browser, in epub or mobi (Kindle) format, or in plain text. All are free:

Or, if you’re an audio book fan, Librivox has complete, free recordings of the vast majority of his works. If you’ve never explored it, the site is a treasure-trove of free audio books, read by a pool of extremely talented amateurs from around the world. Sample a few, find a narrator you like, and enjoy!

Have fun exploring. He’s a genuinely unappreciated author, in my opinion, and one whose grasp of language, emotion and imagery deserves to be appreciated.

And little he knew of the things that ink may do, how it can mark a dead man’s thought for the wonder of later years, and tell of happening that are gone clean away, and be a voice for us out of the dark of time, and save many a fragile thing from the pounding of heavy ages; or carry to us, over the rolling centuries, even a song from lips long dead on forgotten hills.

— Lord Dunsany Lord Dunsany (1878-1957) N18Th Baron Of Dunsany Also ...
And he was quite a striking fellow.

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