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A mild-mannered reporter by day, by night Brian Bethel is a mild-mannered reporter (usually) home from work.

He likes a variety of things, from computers to video games, from comic books to role-playing games, to reading to board gaming.

He likes games a lot, come to think of it.

He also enjoys writing, and he hopes someday to become not “the next” anybody but someone entirely himself.

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  1. Nicholas Ilka says:

    Hello, I am trying to find out if you are the Brian Bethel of ‘Black eyed children’ fame. If you are I would love to hear your thoughts on the phenomenon over the last 14 years since your original encounter. I am not in the media or anything like that. Just a private citizen, a skeptic, and a bit of a fortean. I have started a thread on this subject at the james randy forum here is a link.

    Please email me or join the thread if you are willing to discuss this. Take care and thanks in advance,


  2. Sarah says:

    Hey, Brian. I like your blog. Hope you will be making future posts. The last was in May. I noticed that you like role playing games. Have you seen the movie “The Gamers: Dorkness Rising” ? If you haven’t, you should check it out. I think you would find it highly amusing.


  3. Louie says:

    Hi there,

    are you the same Brian who wrote the “Evil Muppets” account?

    I’m guessing it’s fake, but it was still a cool story and has really stuck in my head over the years. The story still pops up from time to time in various forums, and really divides opinion.

    That was it really, I came across your blog and thought I’d say hi. We’re very similar in some ways, similar age (I’m 38), I’m also a trained journalist (though I now earn my crust in PR) and have an avid interest in the supernatural, though I’ve never really experienced anything myself.


  4. I began looking into the subject of Black Eyed Kids/Children after a strange encounter (well, four actually). I have mostly read that the public outing of the subject began with you posting an experience you had in the late 1980s. Since you seem to be the Alpha of this whole thing, I am writing this to you. I moved to Southern California from New Orleans in 1995. If I had any encounters previous to that, I can’t think of them. Due to the number of my encounters, I don’t believe them to be accidental. I think that at least some of the encounters are targeted.

    1. Winter of 1995, not long after moving here, I was home alone (girlfriend was out of town). I was sitting alone in the back yard enjoying the night when a youngish (13-14yo) girl started talking to me across the fence. Seemed nice enough, but a bit odd that she would be outside so late (about 2am). She asked if she could come over and join me. I told her the last thing I needed was for her parents to call the cops on me for hanging out with their underage daughter. She said they wouldn’t care, but I put her off till the next day. The next day, the gardeners that were cutting the yard told me no one had lived in that house for months. No eerie feeling, and didn’t notice black eyes. By itself, nothing strange, until combined with the others.

    2. In 1999, I was at a Del Taco Drive Thru pretty late at night. I had to pull around to wait on my order. The parking lot was pretty dark, and as soon as I parked, I was approached by three kids (1 girl about 11-12, and 2 boys maybe 8-9). The girl did all the talking, and wanted me to let them ride with me in my car. This time I did get the weird feeling and noticed the girl had very dark eyes. Felt like she was staring through me. I made the excuse that my car was only a two seater (BMW Z3), then moved to a different parking place (closer to the door). As I moved, they all stood there in the dark watching me. My food came out, and as I went to leave, I saw they were gone.

    The last two encounters were almost identical (as far as what happened).

    3. In about 2010, I was driving home from work one night. It was about 10PM, and when I pulled up to a stop light, two teenage boys started walking towards my car waving, asking for a lift. Didn’t notice the eye color, but a feeling of dread hit me when I looked at them. The light turned green and I took off.

    4. In June of 2012, I was again on my way home from work late at night. As I passed a bus stop near my house, two girls (12-13 yo) jumped out of nowhere waving and asking for a ride. Same feeling of dread. Same dark eyes. Hit the gas and went home.

    Being a New Orleans native, I grew up experiencing many strange things. I just put these experiences off in the “Odd Occurrences” section of my memory bank, until I started seeing stories about the kids. Funny, if the girl would have looked like she was of legal age, I may well have let her hop the fence. Maybe the fact that I’m not a pedophile saved me from whatever fate they brought? LOL Best – Mike

  5. Patty says:

    I know of a place near here that had a bunch of kids with those eyes and there were gov’t people there with them. They never left that place that anyone knew but then again the vehicles they used all had heavy tinting on the windows. No one in our area had that in the 1960s. These guards had no patches or id on their all black uniforms but they wore black army boots and had automatic weapons they used to shoot at adults that came near that gate or fence. I witnessed this. I know this place was jointly used by military and this research lab. I was in that place one day to do something for them but I cannot tell you about that. I know what happened but I’m not telling. Two of those guards had totally black eyes. This was in the 1960s and 70s. I met and got to know a guy in the 80s who’d gotten in there with a friend of his on a motorcycle one day in the 1970s and seen a bunch of them with black eyes. He said they’d never been so afraid in their lives. They narrowly got away and hid but these guys were looking for them for hours. It wasn’t until hours later that they were able to sneak away from the area but they only did so without lights on the bike until they got miles away from there. Even then they didn’t leave home except for school for almost a year. I don’t know of anyone else around that area that’s ever seen these black eyed people. It’s possible that the reason why they didn’t was because of the blacked out windows on their vehicles and the armed guards that fired on people who got too close to the place. I ask that you not publish any of what I’ve told you about this. I only wanted you to know that I have experience with many things that people have no idea has been going on for decades, at least. After reading many accounts of these BEKs I can say that it appears that certain people have been targeted by them. Their intent is not only to menace but to gain entry to your vehicle, home or whatever and I suspect they meant to hurt you badly. It’s my definite belief that what you saw were shape-shifters. I and my younger brother came upon one in another form in the woods one day and it chased us over two hills to our house. It didn’t come inside but we both found ourselves trying to open a window to it like we were under it’s control. I have seen these in other forms they use as well. In my case, there are very old dirt mounds associated with them. One form of it was seen by two of my brothers to come out of one of these mounds. They described this short man to me and what he was wearing and neither one had talked to the other though I watched both talk to “him” though I couldn’t see “him” down there. I was on the ridge up above watching but no one could be seen there. A researcher in Louisiana and seven other people were in the Honey Island Swamp one night near this huge mound when one of these big black things came out of no where to chase them. It was in the shape of a manta ray but didn’t swim in the air, it just sat there in mid air. When they ran it kept pace. He said the thing somehow touched a primal part of their minds and they were all more terrified of it than they’d been of anything in their entire lives. It was the same for us. We felt it coming before we saw it coming. At one point it became almost totally invisible. I was exhausted from the days’ activities though I was about sixteen at the time and had to stop because the hill I had to scale was very steep and very hard to get up because of the very loose woods dirt over the sandstone. At some point I was too tired to be scared and wondered why it then felt like a stray dog that just wanted to play. I told it, like I would a stray dog, to get lost and made a shooing motion at it. It seemed sad then and I felt sorry for it until I remembered my previous sheer terror. I wondered why I should’ve been afraid of it at all and realized I would’ve ordinarily been looking at it in wonder, not fear. I asked it what it wanted and I got the distinct sense that it was lonely. I told it that we had work to do at home and were going to be in trouble for being back in the woods when dad got home. Dad felt it there when he got there and took a walk back in the woods and when he came back it wasn’t with him. He told us he hoped we’d learned our lesson because that thing was dangerous. All we could do was look at each other because he said never to ask him anything about it again. I made that mistake one other time and regretted it ever sense. My face hurt for a week. So, neither of us asked him ever again about it. This “thing” changes shapes and I believe it does this to scare people away from it. I think it gets a thrill out of it. This shows what we’d call immaturity for a human but although there seems to be some part of it that could be called human there’s the larger part that’s primal animal. I felt like a mouse to a cat that wasn’t ready to kill it yet. I don’t know why it didn’t hurt me, kidnap me, or kill me as it had every opportunity to do so. My friend in Louisiana things the one they saw might have been guarding something in that mound. He and and his group, an international group, investigate Ufos and many have been seen over that particular area of swamp. They take video of them in places where most investigators wouldn’t go because of the consequences. He and his wife were missing for four days when they joined many other people at Gulf Breeze, Fla. to watch the ufos down there. Their car sat there for four days and was ticketed. Even so they woke up on the beech but had no sunburn on them. They may have been drugged. Even so, they have no memory as far as I know, about what happened to them during those four days. I wanted you to know this because you’re not unlike us and others like us. You have been targeted for a reason so watch your back and be careful. It could be that they wanted you to tell people about them. Even so, I’m like you that if I ever experience that again I will get the hell out of there.

    I just read this next page and felt you might want to read it as well. BTW you are mentioned in it as well. http://rense.com/general81/blak.htm

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