Well, here we are …

A good while ago, I acquired the domain name BrianBethel.com. Unsure what to do with it, it languished for years.

Lately, though, I’ve been wanting to have a place where I could write some longer pieces and share them with a wider audience. I love Facebook and other social networking sites for their ability to connect me easily to friends both old and new, but much of what I would like to write doesn’t easily fit into Facebook’s format, or the sort of vibe such sites encourage.

So what will be here? Well, to some extent any early adopters get a chance to influence that some. I’d welcome your feedback on topics you’d like to know more about or things you’re interested in hearing. But for the most part it will be items of interest to me, so everything from video gaming to a bit sterner and more serious stuff. My interests do tend to run to fairly broad topics.

I don’t plan to be controversial for the sake of controversy, but I plan to pull fewer punches here than I would on a site like Facebook.

Just wanted to get this thing up and running. Let’s see where it takes us.


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